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Battlecruiser Cressida class

This is a battlecruiser with detachable secondary gun turrets. It was an idea that I had playing around in my head for a while and then I decided to build something based around this concept. the idea is to have a warship with very powerfully armed fighters, that are launched from articulated barbettes, that also double as launchers. The idea is that these flying gun turrets can allow a small ship to out gun and out maneuver much larger/bigger forces, as they act as mobile, infinitely reconfigurable broadsides floating around the mothership.

Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida mars orbit
Joachim sverd weapon deployment1
Joachim sverd weapon deployment2
Joachim sverd weapon deployment3
Joachim sverd weapon deployment4
Joachim sverd weapon deployment5
Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida earth orbit
Joachim sverd tactics and strategy plot

tactical and strategy station aft of the bridge

Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida aft hull closeup
Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida interiortest 3

wip of the internal layout of the ship

Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida interiortest 5

wip of the internal layout the central deck has gravity on either side as the people illustrates. bridge orients both ways and only seated crew rotate to both sides, since space has no direction.

Joachim sverd battlecruisercressida stripe test 12