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Test render Frigate _1

This ship is part of a much lager system of modular warships I've designed with the idea of being able to make a large number of variants with different weapon systems and configurations.
On this particular model I've removed the module system in favour of a simpler unified hull for texturing purposes in 3dsMax, as I plan to animate it.

This is a 215 m long frigate with constant acceleration generated gravity, meaning it's laid out like a tall building with decks from the bow to the stern, like stories in a building.
The benefits of this is that it gives you internal gravity for free, as it is thrust generated. Forward is up, and all of the guns stick out to the sides relative to the orientation/direction of travel. So no blind spots except from the stern, but the engines are an awesome shield.
It has only 8 crew members, all seated on three levels on the bridge at the very front/top of the ship. Each crew member sits in an articulated seat that spins freely inside an armoured sphere that acts both as individual life support systems in the event of a hull breach, and also holographic displays. All crew are linked with the ship AI for greatly enhanced capabilities and reduced work loads.
Top level nearest the bow, seats two pilot/navigators, mid level seats captain and XO, and the bridge main deck seats 4 specialists. Primary and CIWS gunners, engineering and damage control. The AI handles all other systems through input from Captain and XO.

Crew quarters are very spacious and located in the top section of the hull, directly below the bridge. The ship has an armoured, hollow spine/central elevator/transport core running the length/height of the vessel. This allows for munitions handling and transfer to and from magazines as well as vertical movement of damage control and maintenance bots. Each deck is a sealed compartment down through the central spine and opens only as the elevators travel up or down during combat.

Armament: The ship only carries two weapon systems. six triple 150mm rail guns in 4 axis articulated turrets, and six two axis CIWS batteries, each with 8 40mm phalanx type rotary cannons mounted in individually articulated ball joints for unconstrained target tracking. Each weapon system can fire a large array of guided munitions ranging from blunt force KE rounds for armoured targets to cloud burst particle/beam disruptors.

All internal systems are fully automated and most of the internal spaces are occupied with vast ammunition storage and handling systems, as well as reaction mass for the plasma fusion drives. The ship has a multi layered 750-1000 mm thick hull with all systems for fuel, water, waste recycling, data handling, hull breach sealants etc. layered like a cake structure or skin within the hull. The idea being that all systems with the exception of the reactors and weapons are decentralized with multiple redundancies. because they are all strata instead of cables. Any breach just means re routing around the damaged section. Having the AI as an optical 1mm layer the entire size of the ship creates a very powerful computer that cannot be knocked out even if the ship is cut in half.

The thrusters are designed to provide long duration constant thrust/acceleration generating inertial gravity through acceleration and deceleration. There is a double set of thrusters, for accelleration an decelleration. The bridge spheres and internal fittings in the crew quarters flip 180degr so the ship functions fully over long periods of time in deceleration mode as well.
Model made in Sketchup, and rendered in Twilight.

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