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Mono racer

This is a 3D model I've made with Sketchup Pro, and rendered in Twilight.
It is a single wheel, electric racing motorbike with an articulated, asymmetric center wing.
The bike has a counterbalanced, offset, closed canopy, single seat cockpit

Joachim sverd monoracer54

Model seen her in full LHS lean at 67°

Joachim sverd monoracer58

Monowheel racing bike with counterbalanced center wing seen her in full aerobraking mode

Joachim sverd monoracer55

Full 67° LHS lean in side view.

Joachim sverd monoracer56

Model seen in full RHS lean

Joachim sverd monoracer57

RHS full lean where pilot is seen parallel with wheel at all times

Joachim sverd monoracer53

Bike seen here in acceleration mode, wing parallel to the ground, wheel at 90° and aero brakes flush with center wing.