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Martian aeroracer

3d model made in Sketchup and rendered in Twilight with postpro in GIMP. Model is that of a ground effect aeroracer made for racing in the future deserts of Mars.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer30

This is a Sketchup made 3D model of a futuristic groundeffect racer that I ended up calling the Martian aeroracer as a working title and it kind of stuck.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer22 scene 2

Here seen with some post pro work in GIMP, I've tried out motion blur, heat haze and contrails. The engine glow was rendered in as internal light to get the glow in the thrust vector vanes just right.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer31

Side view with a horizon backdrop. All render, no postpro. This is imo the nicest color combo. What can I say, I like orange. If you look closely you can just see one of the fwd engines below the far wing.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer23

Craft has 8 engines, two underneath and fwd in the wings. These provide fwd lift and have gill like vanes that rotate down 100° from horizontal. The aft outer 4 engines have
90° downward tilt in addition to vanes for full VTOL

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer32

Another shot that is also just render and no postpro. The engines are pulse jets with maritime looking thrust vector vanes and are 'fully operational' in that anyone who get the file can animate them provided they have the skills and software.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer24 speed

Attempt at high speed shot, with motion blur heat haze and contrails

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer35

top view, no effects. Bit boring, but it shows the racing livery and general color scheme.

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer25speed

Another shot with effects, same heat haze, contrail , motio blur and rendered glow inside the engines

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer37

another high speed shot, same as before, but with more 'quiet' exhaust

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer29

full frontal view, no effects. background is a panorama of a salt lake in Peru(?)

Joachim sverd martian aeroracer39

Final image, same as another one above. This time with much more pronounced engine plumes.