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Radial space fighter

This is a model I made a few years back. it is a space superiority fighter with a radial design, and center mounted cockpit. It has an onion layout with a cockpit core surrounded by a fusion reactor ring, which is surrounded by an outer shell fuselage that contain the drives.
All three components are tied together with radial spokes. In between these spokes are a series of hardpoints for various types of armaments ranging from canons, missile pods, surveillance drones, and EMP weapons. The fighter has no landing gear and rely completely on external cradles for ground and ship based logistics.

Joachim sverd radial fighter2

Radial space fighter full frontal view. This angle really tells the whole story. Three layered design, cockpit/escape pod, surrounded by fusion reactor ring, surrounded by outer fuselage/drives. all held together by spokes, that have 12 hardpoints

Joachim sverd radial fighter3

Side 3/4 view.

Joachim sverd radial fighter4

Fighter is symmetrical with an equal and identical number of engines both fore and aft. The idea is that space is directionless, and so is this ship, for the most part.